4th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction
Pune, India, 18-21st April 2012

Call for Entries to Student Design Consortium

People often do some of their best work as students. Current students are not only future researchers and practitioners, they are also fresh thinkers and generators of fantastic ideas. Students often work on hard problems and pressing needs and propose bold solutions. The Students Design Consortium (SDC) track in India HCI 2012 will celebrate the best interaction design projects done by students from all over India. We call for submissions of original work from current and recent students. A submission to SDC could have been a thesis project, a class project, or an extracurricular activity.

You are eligible to submit an entry to SDC if you currently are an undergraduate or masters level student in any faculty (including design, engineering, architecture, arts, commerce, management etc.), or if you finished your education in the calendar year 2011. A
submission could be authored by 1-5 people. They need not be from the same educational institute, but they must be eligible to submit to the SDC. Faculty members or professionals who may have contributed as guides or supervisors would be acknowledged separately, and should not be listed as "authors" of the submission.

The submissions submitted for the review in the SDC track must be completely blinded - no reference should be made to the author(s)' names, names of the faculty member(s) or practitioner(s) involved with the project, or names of the institution(s) the author(s) are
affiliated with. In the initial entry, authors are requested to use discretion in using names or pictures of locations (locations such as Powai or Paldi are dead giveaways), though they will not be penalised for the same. Authors may refer to their own work as part of the
references, but similar care must be taken. If any of the prohibited information is necessary, the version submitted to the review should temporarily censor it out (Xxxx in text, and a beep in the audio track would be sufficient). You will have an opportunity to edit upon the submission once it is accepted.

The primary reviews for the submissions in the SDC track will be done by peer students (including those who passed out of college in calendar year 2011). The mentors associated with this track will only allot reviewers and write the meta-reviews. This will ensure that the students select the best work among themselves.

The best submissions will be show-cased during the conference. The videos will be screened followed by a short question and answer session with the authors. The authors will be given an opportunity to show a demo of their work in the foyer.

Important dates
Submissions accepted till December 25
Reviews start by January 1
Primary reviews due January 25
Meta reviews and final decisions due February 5
Intimation to authors February 10

Your submission will consist of a 300-word abstract, a list of references and a 5-minute video file. Both the abstract and the video must be previously unpublished (other than within an educational institute) and the authors should own copyright of all material that
they submit.

Submission Process

Submissions for this track must be made through the easychair conference management system.

To submit a paper, follow the following steps:-

  • Create an account on https://www.easychair.org/account/signup.cgi.
    (This itself is a 4-step process - a short form, email address verification, a longer form and login.)
  • Come back to this page and click here.
  • Log in with your easychair id, if required.
  • Click on "New Submission" menu, and fill in your paper details.

Gaurav Bhargva
Girish Dalvi
Anirudha Joshi
Anshuman Kumar
Pramod Riswadkar
Keyur Sorathia

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