4th International Conference on Human Computer Interaction
Pune, India, 18-21st April 2012

Call for Review Papers

The field of human-computer interaction (HCI) has grown tremendously as computing devices have found a wide variety of applications in various domains, and reached the hands of a wide variety of users. HCI has attracted many researchers and practitioners from several disciplines including psychology, computer science, ergonomics, library science, and design. Today, it is difficult to keep track of everything that is happening in the field.

In this track, we are looking for reviews of the current knowledge of a topic related to HCI. A submission to this track could review a domain (such as healthcare, finance, education, empowerment, socialisation, entertainment etc.), a group of users (such as school children, retired elderly, illiterate, fishermen, tourists, HIV patients etc.) or a new technology that could impact future directions in HCI (such as multi-touch screens, electrical batteries, speech recognition, speech synthesis, optical character recognition, handwriting recognition, face recognition, brain-computer interaction etc.). A review paper is expected to include a thorough and systematic review of literature, including prior review papers. In addition to summarising important work and current trends in the topic, a submission is expected to clearly link issues in the topic to potential implications for HCI; and uniquely connect the ideas that were, so far, unconnected. It could extrapolate trends to make informed predictions, highlight unsolved problems and / or identify directions of future research.

Both abstracts and papers must be 'blinded' for the review process i.e. reference to authors or their organisation must be removed (though authors may refer to their own past work, where necessary, without making an explicit disclosure). All submissions must be original and unpublished elsewhere and the authors should own copyright of all material that they present. A submission could be under review somewhere at the time of review of IHCI 2012, but if it was to be accepted in both places, the authors will need to decide which of the two events they would like to finally submit to.

Papers will be double-blind peer-reviewed on the basis of the quality of writing, coverage of current knowledge, and the uniqueness of the new point of view.

Important dates

Abstracts accepted till November 15

Papers accepted till November 30

Reviews due January 10

Rebuttals, if any, due January 20

Final decision by January 30


Full, short and review papers should follow the ACM format. Templates to help you use this format are available shortly. Full and review papers should be no longer than 10 pages following this format. Short papers should be no longer than 4 pages following this format.

Submission Process

Submissions for this track must be made through the easychair conference management system. To submit a paper, follow the following steps:


Andrew Dearden, Sheffield Hallam University
Anirudha Joshi, IIT Bombay

Programme Committee:

Girish Dalvi
Ninad Dalvi
Shalaka Dighe
Achim Ebert
Pramod Khambete
Sriganesh Madhvanath
Madhusudhan Marur
Amit A. Nanavati
Nitendra Rajput
Helen Sharp
Abhishek Shrivastava
S. Shyam Sundar
William Thies
Sanjay Tripathi
Nitin Urdhwareshe
Pradeep Yammiyavar

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